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Gerry The Great And The Great Pirate Bubble Show

The Secret To Having A Successful Summer Reading Program!

New For The 2018 Summer Reading Series: Libraries Rock, And Bubbles Pop!

Imagine your library booking Gerry The Great for your “Libraries Rock” summer reading program. You will never see anything like what Gerry has in store. Imagine a real Pirate ship that drives electrically onto your library property and the whole show is done from the pirate ship!

Gerry’s new pirate bubble themed show is going to be fun for everyone, and everyone will get wet! This show is designed to be done on your grass near your library and has lots of bubbles, and lots of water. All the children and families will get wet! Well those that want to get wet will. There is always a no water zone in case they forget their bathing suits.

My name is Gerry Thompson (aka Gerry The Great) I’m a professional children s entertainer and I believe that connecting our children to the library always starts with magic. It did for me I was the kid who was always in the library (and bookmobile) looking at the magic book collection. And I love to inspire children to read especially books on magic. I show them a trick and show them the book it came from!

A stress free show, I’m in charge as you relax and enjoy the fun of Gerry The Great and The Great Pirate Bubble Show show.  A live and entertaining show that connects with your kids and delivers a strong message of having fun at your library!


I judge my shows by the amount of “belly laughs” that I get from the audience. If they aren’t laughing I haven’t done my job.  My magic is amazing and connects with the theme.


My Great Pirate Bubble Show is Flexible! I can change the show to fit your libraries needs.  Whether you have preschoolers, intermediate to middle school age audience, this show is for your community library.   Let me help you kick start your summer season! I provide all the lights sounds, music and props for a one of a kind show.


Have you ever been burned by another entertainer who really doesn’t perform for or even like children? Just out to make money? I have seen them.  I love and only do family and kids shows. I enjoy treating every child with respect and kindness. All the jokes are on me.

  • I am a professional full time performer and have been performing for over ten years.
  • I am a member in good standing with the International Brotherhood Of Magicians
  • I am a member in good standing with the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  
  • I have two children myself and I specialize in family entertainment.

Show programs too expensive with other performers? I have made my shows affordable, and if you Book multiple shows you save.  

The participants get lots of free magic tricks and give a ways that will inspire them to use their library for a new great hobby, magic! This takes me back to my first performance when I charged 50 cents a person. I can now appreciate how my self-esteem grew strong as I performed in front of friends and family.  I want kids to get that same feeling. To show them that they can perform too- and much quicker than they imagine.  It’s really a simple and powerful way for kids to build social skills and have a whole bunch of fun!


I am a professional entertainer that will arrive early and my shows start on time guaranteed! I don’t need any special equipment my shows are all self contained with great music, props and fun.


All my shows are invoiced at the time of booking, and I collect payment at the end of the show, and if you are not 100% satisfied you don’t pay!


Click here to book your library show now! Or call me at 843-325-4303.  

Planning your summer celebration is a cinch by hiring Gerry The Great