Face Painting

FACE PAINTING IS A NATURAL ATTENTION GETTER for any birthday party, corporate event or community event.  Candice brings her special God-given talent to children of all ages!

DESIGNS:FP Boy dragon copyFace Painting South CarolinaFP Collage 2 copyFP Collage 1 copy
She paints about 10-15 faces an hour and ensures that everyone gets personalizd attention at every party and event.  Candice offers many popular face painting designs – butterfly, sports, dinosaur, shark, flowers, etc. – and so many more! Each design is specifically created for that person and Candice is never afraid to try a new design.  Some designs require a full face design, while others can be placed on hands, arms and cheeks.
FP Snow Queen eye 2 copyFP Hiding Bunny copyFP Firework copyFP Pickachu copyFP usa horse copyFP dolphin copyCandice specializes in detail work.  If your event will need quicker designs and a faster pace, contact us and we will customize selections for your event.

NOW OFFERING AIRBRUSH WATERPROOF DESIGNSFP Airbrush wildcat spider copyFP Airbrush paw batguy copy
The designs are airbrushed on in black and are SWIM PROOF & SWEAT PROOF!!!  A great option for parties that are at the pool or beach!  They can last up to 3 days.  Depending on the design, she can accommodate around 25-40 with the airbrush designs.  She can add glitter and color embellishments – but those are not swim & sweat proof.

Candice uses only professional grade face paints that are manufactured using only ingredients that are FDA approved (meet toy and cosmetic regulations) and are non-toxic.

The face paints are hypoallergenic and formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skins and are fragrance free.  Many of the paints are also Vegan and paraben free.  They are formulated to come off easily with a little soap and water (See below for more information).

If you are interested in a quote for face painting, magic or balloon twisting at your event, please fill out the event questionnaire or contact us directly.

Candice offers to bring an “Introduction to face painting” class to your location for small group instruction.  Class size is dependent on age group of attendees (typically 1-6 attendees and for those over age 8).  Be sure to specify in your questionnaire that you are interested in the face painting class.



Only water-based safe face paints, and cosmetic products, approved and tested for use on the skin, are used.

The traditional face paints that I use can easily be removed with mild soap and water.

For the waterproof airbrush paints: they are swim & sweat proof.  To remove, simply apply liquid soap (without water) to the design and gently massage in.  Then with a damp cloth gently wipe the design away.  Easy!

As with any cosmetic product, we cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur:  If unsure, please ask for a patch test prior to being painted.

For sanitary reasons, we cannot paint anyone who is, or appears to be sick (runny nose, cough, etc.) or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions or open wounds.

The face painter may need to take a break occasionally and this may include time to clean brushes, change out water, etc.